Women Are Royalty Ministries


Mission Statement

Mission of WARM is to empower women by creating avenues of hope for those who are and have been broken, bruised, battered and who are secretly wounded; enabling them to see that there is a way of out ungodly situations with the help of others. To walk away from the fear of what tomorrow holds..

Vision statement

Women helping women to reach beyond the stigma and adversities of society and accomplish their goals through the power of the Word of God, educational workshops and health seminars regardless of the situations or circumstances they may have experienced in their lives.

Accessing the people, places and things that will empower them to achieve greatness, stability and confidence to become the business woman, mother, and wife God has called them to be.

Redeeming and reclaiming independence and raising self-esteem. Reinforcing assurance, hope, and faith and declaring that there is life after rejections, violence, abuse and disappointments.

Managing and acquiring new skills and knowledge that will help transform them from a liability to an asset and enable them to elevate to a new level in their life, family and community.

Our Purpose

We are committed to ministering to women who are secretly hurting. Our goal is to restore hope and bring healing to women who have been afflicted and broken by abuse of all types. Through prayer, ministry, outreach and community events, we empower women of all backgrounds to help them become the women they were created to be. We are called to nurture, enlighten, and embrace women from all denominations and cultures, whose purpose is to advance in the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Download PDF

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Women Are Royalty Ministries – Mission-Vision